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Sandwich Panel Installation Consultancy

Our company offers Sandwich Panel Installation Consultancy services for special rooms that require gas-tightness. The proper construction of gas-tight chambers, especially in the rooms with the sytems that create very low concentration of oxygen, directly affects the efficiency of these systems. Our expert staff works meticulously starting from the first step of the construction of the chambers to reach 100%  of sealness. Our experience of more than 10 years shows how robust and reliable we are in the construction of hermetic chambers.

Our services include hermetic installation consultancy as well as gas-tight installation of sandwich panels with different thicknesses and properties. We offer services for various applications from cold rooms to freezing rooms, from cold gas-tight rooms to hot fumigation rooms. Our panels are professionally installed by our expert teams after the floor concrete is completed.

Moreover, we specialize in concrete work. We also offer consultancy services in areas such as leveling and repairs, especially of sealed rooms concrete. OXYCAT Consulting is recommended for professional workmanship and high quality.

In addition to gas-tight rooms, we also provide hermetic assembly consultancy for systems such as O2Low Organic Fumigation Rooms and Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storages where low oxygen levels are also required. We carry out the panel workmanship exclusively with our experienced and expert team. We offer you a reliable and effective cooperation in your construction projects.

Our services cover:

  • Gas-tight assembly and hermetic installation consultancy services of sandwich panels of all kinds of thickness and properties (PUR, PIR, locked, unlocked, etc.).
  • Panels installation and gas-tightness application in different types of chambers: hot/cold temperature rooms, frozen rooms, cold gas-tight rooms, hot fumigation rooms.
  • We also provide consultancy services in concrete workmanship for leveling and especially for repairs and troubleshooting of sealed room concrete.
  • Our professional team provides hermetic installation consultancy services and installation of sandwich panels in the rooms or chambers where the oxygen level will be drawn to very low levels, such as O2Low Organic Fumigation Chambers or O2Low Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storages where the gas tightness is a vital and number one requirement for the system to work properly.  Our own experienced and expert team performs the panel workmanship with specific requirements to O2Low applications.

You can benefit from OXYCAT Sandwich Panel Installation Consultancy services due to our professional workmanship and high quality results.

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