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Gas-tight Controlled Atmosphere Doors

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Gaz Sızdırmaz Kapılar
Kontrollü Atmosfer - Koridor 1
Kontrollü Atmosfer Kapısı
Gaz Sızdırmaz Kapılar
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Gas-tight doors
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Controlled Atmosphere Door
Gas-tight Doors
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Usual cold store doors vs. gas-tight controlled atmosphere doors

Gas-tight doors are hermetically sealed doors with built-in windows of special hermetic properties for rooms or chambers with Controlled Atmosphere systems application. They are very different from normal cold storage doors. When we think of gas-tight doors, we should think of special doors that are very well balanced, easily closed and can provide advanced gas tightness. For the door to to be in a perfect balance, function properly, ensure 100% gas tightness and keep the sensitive gasket intact, it is very important for the door to perfectly fit the frame when produced and installed.

Which door size is suitable?

Conditions such as room dimensions, tonnage to be loaded, room height, product case/box packaging sizes, daily metric ton capacity of the operation are the guiding and very important points in determining the required length of the door for the facility.

What should be the price-performance balance?

The door, which is one of the important accessories of gas tightness, is located in the area exposed to the most traffic in the cold storage throughout the operation.

A proper plan with appropriate dimensions must be made from the very beginning while making the project design in order to avoid any problems and disruptions in the operation of the cold storage later. For this reason, it is very important to determine the elements that will determine the door features before and then choose the dimensions and quality of the gas-tight doors. For controlled atmosphere doors, which are one of the controlled atmosphere accessories, it is very important to find the price/performance balance;

What does OXYCAT provide you with in relation to gas-tight doors?

As OXYCAT, we offer the guarantee: 

  • of measuring and providing the most suitable size of the controlled atmosphere doors for your project needs,
  • that the doors we offer will provide high quality gas-tightness,
  • that the doors we offer will be designed in accordance with the price/performance balance,  
  • for correct and balanced installation by our professional teams.

We are committed to increasing operational efficiency by offering our customers quality gas-tight doors in the most suitable sizes for their projects.