Controlled Atmosphere and Fruit Stores

Controlled Atmosphere Stores and Fruit Types

Controlled Atmosphere

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) is an artificially created gas environment in a gastight chamber, where the concentration of gases differs from the natural one. The cooling process with CA system is a storage method when a cooling and CA systems are used together in the same chamber. First, the cooling system cools the chamber down to the core target temperature and then CA system gradually decreases the oxygen (O2) level to a minimum, and keeps the carbon dioxide (CO2) to the maximum level which the fruit can withstand and be stored at. Then, the systems maintain the same level of temperature and gases until the storage period is over and the chamber is open. The composition of gases in the chamber with CA is selected depending on the type of a vegetable or a fruit that will be stored in this storage room, on the storage targets, temperature, relative humidity, and other factors.

Compared to a usual cold store, in a cold store with CA conditions many products can be stored from 2 to 4 times longer periods without losing much of its original quality. Therefore, the CA store has a huge advantage, because the quality and freshness of fruit and vegetables can be preserved without any use of any chemicals. This, in its turn, makes the CA technology one of the most progressive and modern technologies for fruit and vegetables storing. Both in our country and around the world, CA systems are widely used mainly in fruit stores.

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The operation of the CGS system is ensured by equipment and automation that monitor and adjust the concentration of gases in the air of a gas-tight (hermetic) room

Also, cooling stores where CA technology is used must be gastight. Therefore, an important role is played by the quality of the doors to the store chamber, and the quality of the materials used for interface-seal of the panels, so that both of them ensure gas-tightness of the chamber.

If all of the above conditions are met, the CA systems integrated into cooling stores can extend the period of post-harvest storage up to 4 times (depending on the type and variety of fruits) while maintaining all the fruit qualities: brix, firmness, look, taste, a set of vitamins and other elements that are useful and necessary for human health.

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