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PSA High Pressure Nitrogen Generator – PSA High Pressure Oxygen Scrubber

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PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) – High Pressure Oxygen Scrubber or High Pressure Nitrogen Generator is a type of nitrogen generators which is preferred together with high air pressure oiled compressors in projects requiring high pressure. In OXYCAT Nitrogen Generator preferences, PSA high pressure oxygen scrubber is selected by determining the most accurate capacity according to the suitability to the projects and your needs.

PSA High Pressure Nitrogen Generator working principle. For example, in fruit storage, immediately after the room starts to be filled with pre-storage products, drop in oxygen and rise in carbon dioxide can be detected in the room, this is related to the fact that that fruits continue to breathe after they are harvested, which means they use up oxygen (O2) and produce carbon dioxide (CO2). To slow down the fruit breathing and extend the storage time, the N2 Generator lowers the O2 level in the cold room immediately after the fruits are loaded and the target core temperature is reached.

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technique is based on the principle of working with high pressure air. PSA is advantageous and preferred in places

  • where high capacity of nitrogen is needed,
  • in cases where a lot of cold room space is required,
  • where the machine room is far from the application points
  • fast O2 reduction is necessary.

In addition, in comparisoon with other options such as carbon filter, impingement filter and dryer, activated carbon life in PSA is longer than in its counterparts. It also:

  • is much more durable
  • is more energy efficient
  • is an oil air compressor
  • has low maintenance cost
  • gives N2 purity guarantee
  • has much longer active carbon lifetime
  • responds to the need for Nitrogen in very large capacities
  • is preferred when it is necessary to supply nitrogen to remote locations

PSA  is a method of generating nitrogen from air and this method  is best suited for high-pressure projects.  Especially in fruit storage process, PSA High Pressure Nitrogen Generator keeps the the oxygen level under control and extends the storage time. PSA technology is energy efficient, durable and provides long life of activated carbon.

OXYCAT suggests selecting the PSA High Pressure Oxygen Scrubber depending on the project requirements and your needs. It also recommends using the PSA High Pressure Oxygen Scrubber when the processing area is large and large quantities of nitrogen need to be produced, or when nitrogen needs to be pumped from one location to another.