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Datacenter YangınOne of the other important areas where the O2Low system can be used are archives, server rooms, etc. where the fire hazard can cause significant damage.

Fire suppression systems that operate by spraying any fire extinguishing materials are not appropriate in areas such as archive rooms, rooms with historical artifacts and documents and server rooms filled with electronic components, since these rooms must remain absolutely dry.

Therefore, fire prevention is almost an indispensable safety measure in such places. In this regard, other fire prevention solution that excludes the spraying of water or other substances is required.    And this solution is the use of O2Low Fire Prevention System.

What are the benefits of O2Low Fire Prevention System?

In the rooms where OXYCAT O2Low Fire Prevention Systems are used, the ambient air level is reduced to an oxygen level of 17% or less. At this level of oxygen, people can enter the room without harm to health and perform necessary work. But for the fire, in its turn, this level of oxygen is not enough to flame up, so ignition or fire is impossible. Thus, a low oxygen environment provides an advanced and economical solution to prevent ignition and therefore fire damage.

It is the best fire prevention solution for the areas which must remain absolutely dry such as archive rooms, rooms with historical artifacts and documents and server rooms filled with electronic components. Extinguishing these areas with water or other chemicals can cause considerable damage to the materials stored there, since everything in the room will get wet or covered with other extinguishing chemicals. In this regard, these materials can either partially lose their properties, or become completely destroyed.

In addition, after extinguishing a fire, it is necessary to clean the damage to floors, walls and other parts of the room from charring, and it is also necessary to remove water or other substances sprayed in the room in order to extinguish it. This process is also not an easy task.  Therefore, to prevent fire is the best solution.

The low oxygen fire prevention method is an internationally recognized method of protection. Since the system includes the necessary alarm systems and safety measures, it also complies with the world standards for the workplace organization in accordance with the rules of labor protection.

The O2 Low system also prevents ignition and informs you of this hazard through its sensors, allowing you to solve the problem without damaging anything.  


How does it work?

For any fire to ignite it requires three elements: at least 17 percent oxygen, heat and fuel. If one of the elements is missing ignition is impossible. The O2Low Fire Prevention System works by creating a certain controlled gas environment in the room, which is achieved by using a Nitrogen Generator (N2) and an industrial remote control system. After the parts of the premises, such as doors and windows, are sealed to an acceptable level, a certain controlled atmosphere is created in the room with the help of machines. Then, parameters such as combination of gases, temperature and humidity values ​​in the room are constantly monitored by the system with its sensors. The oxygen level in the room is maintained less than 17 percent, thus the ignition is impossible.  

angına karşı kontrollü atmosfer tekniğinde başta Azot jeneratörleri ve uzaktan izlemeli endüstriyel bir kontrol sistemi mevcuttur. Odaların kapı havalandırma gibi bölümlerinin kabul edilebilir ölçülerde sızdırmaz hale getirilmesi ardından odalarda gaz kombinasyonu, sıcaklık ve nem değerleri gibi şartlandırma kontrol altında tutulur.

OXYCAT O2Low Fire Prevention System Projects – our team, with over a decade of experience in the field, is pleased to offer turnkey O2Low Fire Prevention System projects. We can help you develop a project design for your archives, server rooms and other enclosed areas with a fire hazard, which will be developed taking into account your needs and the structure of your business.   

If you want to reduce the fire hazard to zero without damaging valuable documents, materials or objects, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you!


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