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OXY GT Fleece

In Controlled Atmosphere chambers, gas tightness is critical for the reliability and functionality of the room. In order to achieve these conditions, OXYCAT offers a reliable solution which is OXY GT Gas Tightness Materials. 

OXY GT professional premium quality products ensure a long life, durability, unti-fungal and antibacterial features with a flexible, smooth gastight finish when applied with its proper protocol in any kind of CA chambers.

OXY GT Fleece is the third crucial component of OXY GT Series Gas Tightness System.

Together with OXY GT Primer and OXY GT COAT they ensure a long life gas tightness feature in a gas tight CA chamber. With OXY GT Fleece, gas tightness products become even stronger and more durable.

OXY GT Fleece takes the strength and durability of gas tightness materials to a higher level. This innovative specially designed material provides excellent performance in Controlled Atmosphere rooms. Together with its incredible strength capability, OXY GT Fleece also perfectly protects the room’s internal atmosphere.

Ones all the three components are properly applied on the interfacial joints, the OXYCAT team of experts conducts tightness tests. This vital step is carried out to confirm the success of the application. After the gas tightness is tested, customers are provided with reliable and durable gas tight solution which has the ability to protect the internal atmosphere of the chamber for many years to go.

As a result, OXY GT Fleece is not just a material, but a complement to long-lasting reliability and superior product performance perfection of the whole OXY GT Series Gas Tightness System.

OXY GT-Fleece is a fiber tape used to increase the flexibility and tearing resistance of the main coating material used in metal-metal, metal-concrete transitions to attain the perfection of OXY GT COAT Application.

In the OXYCAT Gas Tightness System, OXY GT-Fleece has been developed as a strength increaser between the layers. Mainly used for coated steel, sandwich panels and panel-concrete transitions. OXY GT-Fleece is also suitable for all other surfaces to where OXY GT COAT can be applied according to instructions.

• Nylon fiber 10 or 15 cm wide roll tape
• Increases flexibility and strength capacity of final application
• Stylish visual texture
• Closing minor errors that may occur during the application of the main OXY GT-COAT material
• 10 cm 250 meters roll
• 15cm 250 meters roll produced in durable shrink packs.