Humidification and Water Loss Management

Humidification and Water Loss Management

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Hermetic ultrasound humidifiers in Controlled Atmosphere.

Humidifiers are not needed in cases where the cooling is applied based on appropriate dimensions and sufficient capacity. However, humidifiers are needed in the storage of fresh fruits (pears, etc.), which are particularly sensitive to moisture. Humidifiers should be ultrasound based and should mix moisture homogeneously into the air at the smallest possible micron values. Inappropriate humidification during the storage of fresh fruits in cold storage will directly trigger the formation of mold on the fruit and in the store.

Water loss measurement devices

Ultrasound humidifiers and system accessories that control water loss from fruits during the cooling process are very important in fruit storage. Water Loss control accessories provide the most important data to show that cooling and fruit storage loading is done correctly. The main cause of moisture loss is that the cooling system does not work effectively due to improper room loading, incorrect selection of cooler capacity etc.. At this point, to solve the problem and stop the moisture loss, it is very important to detect and name the cause.

Water loss measurement devices are a very important guide that shows its users directly the accuracy of the cooling capacity in the fruit store and that things are going right in the store during the storage process. This is a healthy process for a fruit to lose water during storage. However, in cases where the cooling capacity is low, the need for defrosting increases and more water than necessary is thrown out of the storage due to defrosting. Even if humidifiers are used in the store, once the fruit loses moisture too much or too quickly, it is not possible to reverse it. In addition to the loss of the loaded tonnage, this also affects the storage quality of the fruit. At this point, OXYCAT’s preferred water measuring devices are important accessories that automatically measure and record the defrost outlet water and lead the way to controlled storage.

It is impotant to get professional consultancy on cooling capacity, storage loading procedures as well as correct humidification and water loss measurement devices and their need in different fruit stores. For example, fruits where humidification is required under all conditions are pears. Humidification units must be used in the pear cold stores as the slightest loss of moisture will cause their stem softening. However, when coolers with correctly adjusted cooling capacity and blowing widths are used, contrary to what is believed on the market, humidification is not required in many fruit types such as apples.