Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Scrubbers

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CO2 Scrubbers are used to keep carbon dioxide at a certain level in cold fruit storage rooms with Controlled Atmosphere systems. In comparison with similar scrubbers available on the market, OXYCAT Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers, which are always selected with the correct and sufficient capacity, have much higher capacities and more effective working characteristics due to their features that work efficiently with continuous measurements instead of interval measurements presented in all counterpart scrubbers.

CO2 Scrubbers working principle.

Fruits and vegetables are living things that produce CO2. Immediately after the room starts to be filled with pre-storage products, drop in oxygen and rise in carbon dioxide can be detected in the room, this is related to the fact that that fruits continue to breathe after they are harvested, which means they use up oxygen (O2) and produce carbon dioxide (CO2). To slow down the fruit breathing and extend the storage time, the N2 Generator lowers the O2 level in the cold room immediately after the fruits are loaded and the target core temperature is reached. 

In order to prolong a storage time period, preset CO2 levels must also be maintained during the storage period. In order to further extend the storage period, CO2 Scrubbers, after the O2 level in the cold room is decreased, keeps the rising CO2 level at the desired level throughout the storage by algorithmically balancing the rising CO2 level with instantaneous measurements by an additional analyzer. A CO2 Absorber ensures that values are kept between an upper and a lower limit, it regulates and stabilizes the CO2 level in the storage room and removes the excess of CO2 produced by the fruits if needed. In this way, the fruit quality remains optimal during long-term storage and the product losses are prevented.

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers offered by OXYCAT have a number of unique features. By utilizing a flexible air buffer in which the activated carbon tank is temporarily filled with low oxygen cold storage air to deoxygenate the activated carbon tank after regeneration, it can almost completely prevent unwanted oxygen ingress into cold storage. In addition, with traps that offer the option of absorption-retention and regeneration-cleaning based on unique CO2 measurement, there is no need for constant user control or frequent adjustment of cycle times, as the CO2 scrubbing equipment is always automatically optimized. Thanks to such techniques, finishing touches and fine-tuning, CO2 scrubbers offered by OXYCAT can gain up to 20% extra capacity.