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High Altitude Application Areas

Sports. Many team sports, such as football, basketball, and volleyball etc, rely on the high altitude system to enhance their sportsmen performance. It also brings significant benefits in individual sports such as triathlon, tennis, cycling etc, which require sharp focus, peak muscle strength and endurance to heavy conditions. Clubs or individual athletes use high-altitude systems to prepare for competitions, maintain their fitness and enjoy many other benefits.

High altitude training is used in cage fights, where the human body and mental structure are extremely stressed by the extreme application of MMA – mixed martial arts, to both maximize the fighter’s strength during the match and to increase their endurance and focusing abilities. As an important addition to this, it also minimizes the post-match recovery time for tissue and skeletal system traumas experienced during the fight.

Special Forces Training. Special forces soldiers use the system to be ready for emergencies and to maximize their operational success, focus, life safety and endurance. For example, they use high-altitude rooms to ensure that they are acclimatized before operations in the mountains or air operations.

Recreation. Who wants to miss a day of vacation or business travel if the time is limited? With a hypoxia session, negative travel effects such as jetlag can be quickly eliminated for people who travel intensively for various reasons, especially on flights. After a short session, the time difference and travel-related fatigue effects are eliminated and the user can continue their work / life as if they were in their normal routine


High Altitude Application Areas

Recovery. Depending on the intensity of the application, the effects and reactions that occur in the body after altitude application are long-lasting. The skeletal system or any tissue needs “collagen” in order for the traumatized area to heal quickly and be repaired by the body during the recovery period after injury / surgery. Oxygen-saturated blood carries the collagen required for tissue healing to the tissues at a much higher rate than normal. This directly means faster healing of the injury. The altitude sessions also preserve the physical form gained before the injury.

Treatment of respiratory system related diseases. Asthma and COPD patients, whose lives are highly affected by their diseases, prefer high-altitude rooms to improve their general condition, as well as to breathe more easily, reduce their medication use, regain their energy and get rid of the effects of the disease.

High Altitude Acclimatization. Many people who participate in winter sports, mountaineering, hiking, trekking or expeditions face altitude sickness when climbing fast or reaching certain altitudes. Side effects such as headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea and severe fatigue are common. Before participating in the activities, acclimatization in altitude simulation rooms by practicing altitude methods suitable for their purposes provides protection against these side effects. In this way, participants can participate in the activity without falling behind and missing a day.

Diabetes and Obesity alleviation and treatment. People suffering from diabetes and obesity can double the effects of their weight loss training with altitude sessions. Even when resting after training, fat burning continues for more than 12 hours. Blood sugar and blood pressure stabilize, and other complications of obesity are reduced or eliminated.

High altitude applications are used professionally by professional athletes, special forces soldiers or for the treatment of various health problems, but they are also suitable for personal use and have numerous benefits. Healthy individuals can use training or passive sessions in altitude chambers to get healthier and stay fit.

Sport center equipped with the High Altitude System
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Where Can High Altitude Systems Be Applied?

In team sports, especially in football, basketball, volleyball, etc., athletes prefer high-altitude systems to prepare for competitions and maintain their fitness, as well as to benfit from many other performance advantages. It is also used to achieve successful results in individual sports such as triathlon, tennis, cycling etc., where sharp focus, muscle strength and endurance must be at the highest level.

Hypoxia treatments are used professionally by professional athletes, special forces soldiers or for the treatment of various health problems. It is also suitable for personal use and has numerous benefits. Healthy individuals prefer to do passive sessions or training in altitude chambers with the aim of becoming healthier and staying fit.

As OXYCAT, we can apply the high altitude room system in any area you wish. It is possible to apply the high altitude system in a room of your house, in the bedroom of your house or even in your entire house. We can transform the sports rooms in your sports facility, the dormitories (guest rooms) where the athletes in your club stay, and even all of your existing buildings into altitude training rooms or altitude living spaces.


Fitness or Cardio Training Rooms

SPA & Wellness Centers

Health Centers Providing Special Treatments

Sport clubs

Mountaineering Clubs

Hotel Rooms


Rejuvenation rooms

Special Rooms and Houses for Military Use

Houses, Living Spaces or an Entire Building

High altitude systems can be installed and used mainly in Fitness or Cardio Training Rooms, SPA & Wellness Centers, Health Centers for Special Treatments, Sports clubs, Mountaineering Clubs, Hotel Rooms, Dormitories, Rejuvenation Rooms, Special Rooms and Houses for Military Use, Living Quarters or an Entire Building.

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Advantages of Using High Altitude Systems

  • It quickly simulates desired altitude levels, oxygen levels and other conditions.
  • Pressure-related side effects of altitude do not occur.
  • There is no pressure effect.
  • No travel and accommodation costs.
  • There is no loss of time due to long trips for altitude camping.
  • As it provides acclimatization in advance, it increases the likelihood of reaching the summit in world-famous extreme summit climbs attempts, which otherwise without prior acclimatization require serious budgets and time.
  • By changing different altitudes in the same room in minutes, it allows the system work according to the needs of each individual person or athlete.
  • By creating multiple rooms in the same location, it makes it possible to apply the altitude conditions needed by different groups or individual athletes at the same time.
  • It enables athletes who miss the altitude camp due to an injury or any other reason to catch up quickly.
  • It provides the benefits of hypoxia without mentally detaching the athlete from their social and daily life.
  • Since altitude systems can be used at the time and rate deemed necessary after the investment is made, the targeted metabolic changes are achieved and maintained. In physical camps, it takes 4-6 weeks for metabolic values to reach the optimum level.
  • In altitude camps, athletes may not benefit 100% from even a limited 1-2 week camp period due to altitude sickness. Altitude systems make it possible to provide continuous acclimatization and gradually prepare the athletes.
  • It makes altitude training or altitude camping effects possible on site at any time throughout the year, regardless of the camping period.
  • It prepares athletes for sports competitions that will take place in high altitude conditions and prevents performance decline during the competition.

Equipment and Accessories

Control System

OXYCAT is a software and hardware unique to High Altitude Systems that instantly analyzes and controls all processes, ambient gases, machine purities. Through automation, you can see the humidity, temperature, target and current oxygen level, and altitude values in the room on the touch screen. In addition, with our unique smartphone application that comes with our unique control system, you can remotely monitor, start, change altitude, or stop your high-altitude system.

Altitude Automation Display

N2 Generator

Equipment that generates N2 from ambient air to reduce O2 levels in application rooms. Pureness, high quality and low maintenance are guaranteed in our generators. As OXYCAT, we do not prefer membrane system generators or other simpler machines where purities and long life cannot be ensured. Our approach and technology is very transparent and measurable. For this reason, we only use industrial devices made of quality materials, capable of delivering gentle flows suitable for altitude application, easy to maintain and long lasting.

Room Accessories

The room connections of the machines consist of various accessories such as pressure equalizers, room valves, ventilation fans, temperature sensors, safety sensors, external measuring devices, safety buttons. All accessories and measuring devices have a design that uses high quality and long-lasting industrial products only.

It helps to reduce flow noise in special high altitude chambers
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Equipment and High Altitude Sports Room

Gas-tight Rooms

Hermeticized volumes. Existing spaces and volumes can be made suitable for simulation by providing the necessary sealing features in a sports club facility, at home or in a hotel room. Since the oxygen levels in high altitude rooms are working in the range of 10% – 16% on average, there is no need for a 100% hermitization as in rooms where oxygen is reduced to 1% and below, such as a fruit cold storage or O2 Low Organic fumigation room.


OXYCAT High Altitude Systems – our team, with over a decade of experience in the field, is pleased to offer turnkey High Altitude Systems projects, tailored to your needs and the structure of your business. We will help to develop the design of rooms with High Altitude Systems by making the necessary changes to already existing areas such as sports centers, bedrooms or any other areas or by building rooms with suitable features on an empty floor . We also provide after-sales services and user training for this system.


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