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Does the O2Low Pest Control Treatment kill every insect in the crop, providing 100% result?


Identifying the insect that is the subject of the insect treatment application is essential for choosing the right protocol. The protocols may vary for different insects depending on their size, life cycle, and behavior. However, no matter what insect or what chemical resistance it has, it cannot live or breed in the insect treatment chamber after the appropriate O2Low application protocols are applied. By depriving insects of oxygen and creating a lethal environment, the application results in 100% insect elimination.

O2Low Pest Control System

O2Low pest control is a worldwide accepted method of killing insects by using Controlled Atmosphere. The system ensures that the chamber has the required conditions (such as temperature, gas mix, humidity, etc.), measures, controls and keeps them stable during the whole process.

This unique method treatment protocol guarantees 100% mortality of the insects in every stage of their life cycle, from eggs to adults.

The method needs a sealed space (like specially built gas-tight rooms, silos, or gas-tight tents), an oxygen scrubber, and an industrial automation that can record all the important data, make all necessary analyzes, monitor, and maintain the conditions in the chamber.

How long do O2Low applications last?

The application can be carried out with different protocols. Due to that, the length of the insect treatment may vary. The choice of a protocol depends on the temperature of the products when they are taken into the treatment room, a defıned temperature to achieve durıng the treatment, level of requıred low oxygen and the time until the end of the application. However, depending on the whole operation process and especially the temperature, each treatment takes approximately 9-12 days.

Depending on the need and demand, it is possible to prevent long application times by continuous operation with more than one room. as the system allows several insect treatments to be carried out simultaneously.  This can prevent long application times because the tonnage capacities can be increased to the needs of the facility.

Another issue to be considered in practice is to prevent recontamination of the treated products. It is possible to solve this situation by making some improvements in the facility at the very beginning and to control it with a design that separates clean & contaminated areas.

How natural is the O2Low app?

Since O2Low application is not made with any toxic gas, there is no harm to human health or the environment. By scrubbing the oxygen in the air and giving nitrogen to the chamber with a very high purity, nitrogen generator carries out the oxygen reduction process. Basically, it manipulates the gases that already are a part of the air, so there is no any harmful gases. At the end of the process, the air released from the room to the atmosphere returns to its original form within seconds and turns into normal air. Therefore, the application is 100% natural and does not cause any odor, taste, essence change in the products, and there is absolutely no residue on the products after the process. The application is 100% natural and organic.

O2Low Equipment

Reliable and accurate measurements are indispensable requirements in OXYCAT O2Low. For this, our systems use the highest quality materials, accessories and analyzers.

Installation Areas

In addition to O2Low Application chambers, which are the first and most ergonomic option, mobile solutions such as existing fumigation rooms, special containers, application tents, etc. with the necessary improvements compatible with environmental conditions are also available.

The gas-tight chambers required for fumigation can be installed almost anywhere and can be built to any desired capacity and size. Mobile solutions such as containers, tents or large liner packs are also available.

Even the most resistant insect species, or insects that have acquired chemical resistance, do not survive O2Low treatment in a controlled atmosphere. Furthermore, the treatment has no negative impact on the quality, color and taste of the treated products.

O2Low treatment has proven to be an effective pest control method even for insects that burrow into bulky materials such as wood.

The O2Low system can be used to create optimal, oxygen-reduced storage conditions in special gas-tight rooms, creating an atmosphere in which no insect on any stage of its development (eggs, larvae, pupae or adults) can survive.

Since these chambers can handle large capacities at the same time, they are one of the most suitable and efficient solutions for the application. These special chambers can be built anywhere in the facility in the desired and required capacities as long as there is enough space in the facility. It is possible to build application rooms in various sizes.

OXYCAT Storage Technologies organic pesticide application department is the sole expert in Turkey and the regions where it is active in designing, building and installing its own application O2Low™ application chambers, after-sales services, operator user training,  for the facility and has more than 10 years of experience in this field

OXYCAT – O2Low Organic Fumigation – our team, with over a decade of experience in the field, is pleased to offer turnkey solutions with anoxic methods, by making projects in your facilities tailored to your needs and business structure, and by making special design application chambers that instantly and completely terminate your insect problems.We also provide after-sales services, user training for this system and consultancy on all kinds of improvements for fumigation.

You can contact us for all your questions and requests about our O2Low Organic Fumigation systems.

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