Application of gas-tight materials

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Application of gas-tight materials

Gas sealants play an important role in the controlled atmosphere field and correct application is a critical factor in achieving long-lasting and reliable results. The professional application of these products is vital for both effective performance and economical utilization. As OXYCAT, our expert team that the application of gas-tight materials is at the highest level.

Correct application requires the selection of appropriate methods and adherence to a set timeframe. These factors play a fundamental role in ensuring the long-term effectiveness of sealants. OXYCAT’s experienced team uses their years of experience to identify the right methods and carefully manage the application process. This ensures that gas sealants function consistently for many years to come.

Gas tightness in Controlled Atmosphere chambers is critical to achieve the reliability and functionality of the products. OXY GT Sealing Materials from OXYCAT are specifically designed for application requirements in controlled atmosphere chambers. These materials provide sealing while at the same time  keeping specific atmospheric values inside the chamber.

After the application, the OXYCAT team performs gas-tightness tests. These tests are a vital step to verify the success of the application. When the results are positive, customers receive a reliable and long-lasting gas sealing solution.

As a result, the correct and economical application of gas-tight materials is ensured by OXYCAT’s expertise and experience. Projects in controlled atmosphere chambers are reliably designed and sealed with OXY GT Materials. This ensures a stable and leak-free room for our customers who use controlled atmosphere system.

Installation of Gas-tight Doors

Gas-tight doors play a critical role, especially in controlled atmosphere rooms. Controlled atmosphere chambers are mainly used in research laboratories, the fumigation industry and fruit storage areas. In these chambers, the composition of the atmosphere is carefully controlled and the desired gas mixtures are achieved. Gas tightness is therefore critical both to protect the environment inside and to prevent unwanted gas leaks to the outside.

OXYCAT controlled atmosphere doors stand out not only in sealing, but also in customizable design and reliability. They are designed to meet the specific needs of controlled atmosphere chambers and are backed by OXYCAT’s many years of industry experience.

Due to their special design and installation requirements, it is important not only to have a door of a high quality, but also to properly install them. In order to achieve tightness, the details of the frame layout must be meticulously considered during the installation phase. After that, the door leaf balance must be perfectly adjusted.

At these points, OXYCAT with its expert team comes into play and offers a 100% guarantee of tightness of the doors installed.

OXYCAT’s experienced installation team draws on years of knowledge and expertise. Taking a meticulous approach at every stage, we ensure that gas-tight doors are installed efficiently. This plays a critical role in ensuring the seamless gas tightness required by controlled atmosphere chambers.

As a result, gas-tight doors and their correct installation play a critical role in the efficient and reliable operation of controlled atmosphere chambers. OXYCAT’s expert installation team provides quality service to meet these requirements at the highest level. Their precision in sealing and their extensive experience in the industry ensure the successful completion of projects.

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