Controlled Atmosphere System Automation

System of Controlled Automation

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The most important element of controlled atmosphere systems is automation. It should have dynamic features that are easy to use and can be monitored remotely. It is the sine qua non of controlled atmosphere systems and the most important element, including gas analyzers that can make quality, healthy and robust measurements.

If the measurements and the data management is not correct, the information you see on the screen will mislead you and may cause product loss or serious security problems. For this reason, the analysis line in control must be an automation that works in the right flow and makes its own provision. On top of these, it should always be ensured by manual measurements from the environment. In this sense, it is necessary to have and use portable devices that can analyze gases suitable for controlled atmosphere application.

In other words, the control system of your CA system is as important as the quality and capacity of the machines. A dynamic control system that can make accurate measurements, automatically calibrate itself, can be monitored remotely, and has an easy and simple interface with industrial features is one of the most important elements of a CA system.

As OXYCAT, we prefer Siemens SCADA Reliance automation systems. There are many reasons to choose this specific automation system:

  • It is a completely professional and industrial automation.
  • In addition to the original application in our systems, remote monitoring and control comes with the system.
  • The fact that it is an industrial processor that does not require dozens of settings for the user.
  • Non-windows derivative operating system hardware and software creates very important differences in terms of not encountering situations that cause chronic program crashes in CA systems, which are possible and frequently encountered in windows-based automation systems which may cause the system to remain uncontrolled and the past records to be deleted.
  • The control system ensures that the entire controlled atmosphere system is measurable.
  • The software and automation we use for atmospheric control provides remote monitoring as well as tracking and recording of machine capacities or purity. With this feature, it saves a lot of costs and time thanks to remote support.

In other words, the hardware is as important as the software. Gas analyzers integrated into the system, alarm warning patterns, machine operation and capacity measurements in equipment are also very important.

At this point, OXYCAT with its expertise in this sector and more than 10 years of experience in all automation systems determines and projects the most suitable control system in price/performance/needs evaluation.