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CA Accessories are external gas analyzers, temperature sensors, buffer lungs, aeration fans, etc. in Controlled Atmosphere systems.

Although they seem to be optional, they are actually indispensable for the system. They are accessories that fulfill important tasks such as measuring the temperatures of the products separately, making sure the gas analysis of the system is done properly, not loading the CO2 Scrubber with unnecessary extra duties during the storage process.

Indispensable accessories of the Controlled Atmosphere system are:

  • Buffer lungs suitable for the application, aeration fans, high quality piping lines as well as special measuring taps that seem optional but allow you to make very important measurements.
  • External OXYCAT analyzers that allow you to make manual O2, CO2 measurements,
  • Additional ventilation systems that prevent the improper operational load of the CO2 Scrubber,
  • Temperature sensors that measure and verify the homogeneous chamber temperature and fruit core temperature as well, which has a more important effect even than the oxygen level inside.

With these accessories, you can perform gas tightness tests of the rooms and determine whether there are leaks in the rooms and repair them before the season.

With temperature sensors, you can make sure that the rooms are correctly loaded and that there are sufficient circulation gaps inside. In this way, your cooling will work correctly and cool the products in the most accurate and optimum way.

Using quality room / equipment valves will give you years of trouble-free use of a Controlled Atmosphere system.

The system can of course be operated with the main machine and control. However, if these accessories are ignored by focusing on price in controlled atmosphere projects, the system  work and performance will not be measurable. It should not be forgotten that in-room conditioning must be ensured by measurements during the storage process. In a facility where you cannot provide dual control, it is not possible to talk about a controlled atmosphere. In this sense, unfortunately, some producers may exclude the accessories to make the project look cheaper, however a price-oriented approach to projects without making the right comparison will not bring a successful storage result. It is very important to know what you need, get reliable consultancy and calculate all the risks in order to make the right investment and to get the right results. 

As OXYCAT – Controlled Atmosphere Technologies – we offer  turnkey professional CA equipment and automation with all kinds of consulting, project design, engineering and service providing services for your CA system, suitable for your needs, facility and business structure.

Please contact if you have any questions and requests regarding our CA systems.