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Turnkey CA Technology – Gas Tightness Materials Application – After Sales Support and Maintenance Services – Sandwich Panel Installation Consultancy


Turnkey CA Technology

Project design, sales and purchasing, installation, after sales support, training services for Controlled Atmosphere projects. Second hand controlled atmosphere systems evaluation and maintenance services.


Gas Tightness Materials Application

Seamless and long-lasting gas tightness materials application services with top quality workmanship in projects  that require gas tightness such as CA stores or O2Low chambers.

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After Sales Support and Maintenance

After-sales training, support and maintenance services of Controlled Atmosphere Systems as well as 24/7 technical support service for malfunctions.


Sandwich Panel Installation Consultancy

High quality sandwich panel assembly services used for gas-tight rooms in CA Cold Stores and O2Low organic fumigation chambers.

Controlled Atmosphere and Cold Stores

The cooling process with CA system is a storage method when a cooling and CA systems are used together in the same chamber. First, the cooling system cools the chamber down to the core target temperature and then CA system gradually decreases the oxygen (O2) level to a minimum, and keeps the carbon dioxide (CO2) to the maximum level which the fruit can withstand and be stored at. Then, the systems maintain the same level of temperature and gases until the storage period is over and the chamber is open. Compared to a usual cold store, in a cold store with CA conditions many products can be stored from 2 to 4 times longer periods without losing much of its original quality. Therefore, the CA store has a huge advantage, because the quality and freshness of fruit and vegetables can be preserved without any use of any chemicals.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

The OXYCAT team offers turnkey professional CA equipment and automation with all kinds of consulting, design, engineering, installation and after sales services for CA systems.
CA systems allow many products to preserve their quality 2 to 4 times longer than in normal cold storage without CA conditions. Therefore, controlled atmosphere systems offer great benefits for cold storage and quality control, especially when they are used with expert guidance and proper rules.

Fruit Types

You can find detailed information on cultivation, pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest of different fruit types and their storage in controlled atmosphere. OXYCAT provides specialized services in fruit storage especially the storage with Controlled Atmosphere .


Ultra low oxygen (UDO-ULO) is a type of controlled atmosphere that is adjusted dynamically. This technique has different names depending on the refrigeration and various industries that use it. Some of them are ACR, DCA, Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere, CA. These names are actually based on the protocols that are applied. The main machine groups are usually similar or the same. The key point here is how low the O2 level in the environment should be. For this, the environment that will be treated needs to be sealed very well.