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Chambers with Controlled Atmosphere Systems must be thoroughly gastight. In order to achieve the gas tightness of a chamber all the joints in the chamber must be covered with high quality gas sealants. OXYCAT offers a high quality solution for CA chambers gastightness – OXY GT Materials. The most important and main product of gas tightness material is GT COAT coating. If this coating is applied correctly and in sufficient quantities without leaving any air gaps, it can serve for decades without any maintenance or repair.


OXY GT-COAT™ is a ready-to-use, elastomeric main coating material for gas sealing. It is an acrylic dispersion-based, water-based, one-component, ready-to-use sealant for walls and ceilings. This coating has been specially developed for gas-tight finishing of CA Chambers.


It is generally used in gas-tight cold rooms, which are suitable for the CA technology applied for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables, server rooms, high altitude system rooms, O2Low organic fumigation rooms, ripening rooms and other places that require
professional high level gas tightness barrier. It can be used on any surface, coated steel, sandwich panels and concrete, etc., indoors, with horizontal and vertical angles of application.



OXY GT COAT stands out as a unique leader in the field of sealing. This tremendous product is the pioneer of gas tightness and plays a critical role, especially in the chambers with Controlled Atmosphere. Thanks to its ability to perfectly seal the joints between panels with a unique gas barrier feature, OXY GT COAT offers superior performance compared to other coating products in the controlled atmosphere sector.

First of all, its special formula is designed to deliver excellent performance of %100 gas tightness for years to come. OXY GT COAT coating provides not only gas tightnes but also a gas barrier between the atmosphere inside the chamber and the air outside. This maintains the required gas ratio parameters in the chamber and reduces the work load on the system.

It is also a perfect solution for dealing with problems such as mold and mildew in cold stores. Mold formation may be observed in the cold stores due to cross contamination coming from the orchards or due to condensation of cooling application problems. Our special formula of the coating doesn’t let any kind of fungi or mold growth over the surfaces it is applied on.

When the temperature outside changes from hot to cold and vice versa, the ground the facility is built on may move and cause openings in the joint places of the panel construction. However, these changes are neutralized by OXY GT COAT’s flexible and strong adhesive gas-tight properties.

Moreover, in the region where the facility is located, earthquakes severe enough to dislodge the grounds may lead to the panels slipping during the ground settlement. When these situations occur, OXY GT COAT prevents the panels from splitting thanks to its flexible and strong adhesive gas-tight feature.



• It is ready to use.
• It is water-based
• It has high solid content.
• It is ultra gas and moisture proof.
• It is highly mould proof and has antifungal and antibacterial feature.
• Maintains original film thickness.
• It is very easy to apply and has semifluid properties.
• It has a faster drying time with its specially developed formula compared to other products.
• Improved adherence. On some surfaces such as epoxy or PVC, primer appliance is not needed.
• Provides an elongation of more than 1200% after drying when applied in 1 – 1.5 mm thickness at 23 °C for at least 24 hours
• It brings unique gas barrier feature wherever it is applied.
• Does not contain solvent.
• Durable and wear resistant.
• It is resistant to weak chemicals.
• Resistant to various mineral acids, oils and alkalis


20 kg net COAT in plastic durable bucket with an user friendly ergonomic handle and weight.


OXYCAT occupies a leading position among manufacturers of gas tightness materials. OXY GT COAT and GT Series sealants are recognized for their superior unique properties and high quality compared to other alternatives in the industry. OXY GT COAT and GT Series gas tightness materials are market leaders in product properties and quality. These products provide excellent sealing at the joints between the panels, maximizing the reliability and performance of the chamber. OXY GT COAT sets a new standard in gas tight coating.