About Oxycat

Manufacturer and exporter of gas-tight materials used in controlled atmosphere chambers.

Who are OXYCAT?

OXYCAT is the first and only company in Turkey which addresses all products and application areas of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Technology. Even though it has been serving institutionally since 2020, we have a team with more than 10 years of experience and with our products and services produced in our own facility. 

OXYCAT continues to grow by breaking new grounds in its sector with the projects it has realized in Turkey and abroad.

General benefits for OXYCAT partners

OXYCAT products and services have a direct relationship with the most important industries such as agriculture, food storage and protection of human health. Our company offers unique solutions to prevent losses and create conditions that are beneficial for human health.
We, the OXYCAT team, with our experience, vision and innovative approach to products and solutions that we offer, use only professional and advanced technologies in our work. With their help, our partners benefit greatly, especially in terms of product storage duration, its quality and added value.

Atmosphere Control Unit

Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CA) and all areas of its application

OXYCAT is your main partner who will help you find the best solutions: on which CA equipment and brands to choose; on calculating right capacity and required power; on how to use CA with various types of air conditioning. Our team also conducts a reliable evaluation of commercial offers and provides its services in the project design development while you purchase your CA project.

With over a decade of experience in the field, we provide expert advice and services in the fields of not only CA storage technology, but also in advanced technologies such as high-altitude training simulation systems for professional athletes, organic insect treatment, fire protection systems, anoxic preservation and industrial blanketing.

We are your unique partner who can fill in the knowledge gap in Controlled Atmosphere Technology not only in Turkey but also in other countries where we operate.