VPSA Nitrogen Generator

VPSA Nitrogen Generator (VPSA O2 Scrubber)

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VPSA 02 Tutucu
VPSA 02 Tutucu

Our company offers Controlled Atmosphere systems based on VPSA technology, which is the most effective and long-lasting solution for Nitrogen Generators. OXYCAT VPSA Generators (based on Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption technology) are the longest lasting and most stable generators that can be found on the market. Another name for VPSA Nitrogen Generator is O2 Scrubber.

VPSA Nitrogen generators (or O2 Scrubber), which are low pressure nitrogen generators, are used to scrub oxygen, one of the first gases controlled in Controlled Atmosphere systems. The equipment brings the oxygen level to the desired values in the shortest time needed in High-Altitude chambers and Fruit storages.  Thanks to its technology, it provides the longest machine operational endurance for years, while nitrogen purity levels do not decrease even at busy hours. The high quality materials and accessories used in OXYCAT Generators are preferred by far due to the low maintenance and operational costs and the long years of the equipment operation without malfunctioning.

For example, in fruit storage, immediately after the room starts to be filled with pre-storage products, drop in oxygen and rise in carbon dioxide can be measured in the room, this is related to the fact that the fruit starts to breathe after harvest: the fruit takes in the oxygen (O2) and starts to produce the carbon dioxide (CO2). This is where N2 Generators (Nitrogen Generators) come into play. In order to reduce the rate of fruit respiration and extend the storage period, it reduces the O2 level in the cold room immediately after the loading is over and the core target temperature is reached. Throughout the process, it adjusts and stabilizes the controlled atmospheric conditions of the oxygen level.

The VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) technique is based on a completely energy-efficient low pressure principle. The oil-free air motor prevents the activated carbon from being contaminated with residual oils, doubling the life of the carbon. In addition, the carbon filter is cleaned of dirt and moisture by vacuuming to keep it permanently clean.

VPSA Nitrogen generators compared to other Nitrogen generators;

  • Much more durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Dry air motorized
  • Ability to work in injection or circulation mode
  • More compact and much quieter
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • N2 purity guarantee – self-purity measurement
  • Much longer carbon lifetime
  • Regeneration feature with vacuum pump

In the CA system, one of the nitrogen generators, VPSA or PSA, suitable for the project is preferred.