A Turnkey Controlled Atmosphere Projects

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A turnkey and after-sales services we provide for CA Technology

A turnkey CA projects services

  • Necessary research, project design and pricing support for all kinds of CA applications
  • CA system sales and procurement support
  • Making preliminary preparations at CA implementation points
  • CA system assembly
  • CA system commissioning and delivery services
  • User trainings of CA system and cold rooms working with CA system operators
  • After-sales service and maintenance
  • 24/7 Support service with remote control
  • Second hand CA system services

Consultancy on CA systems and stores

  • When creating a design of a new store it is very important to have rooms that are designed to fit your future plans and activities. Being an expert in storage sector with over 10 years of experience, we can work with you to evaluate the conditions and choose the solutions that suit you best.
  • We offer professional solutions on how and what improvements can be made in existing stores as well as newly planned stores.
  • We closely work and get get support from specialized university departments in Turkey and abroad. Therefore, our knowledge is based on researches that provide information on which products can benefit from storing with Controlled Atmosphere Technology and how added value can be reached in different products.
  • As OXYCAT, we contribute to the development of our country’s storage technologies by actively participating in seminars on cold chain and cold storage. We are the only Turkish company in the sector that participates in seminars, provides education and trainings, interacts closely with the national press, sharing its experience – all these we consider as our social responsibility towards the society and the sector in which we operate.
Controlled Atmosphere Storage

CA procurement consultancy

Kontrollü Atmosfer Deposu
  • Based on our experience we can say with confidence that by choosing us you will be supplied with the most accurate Controlled Atmosphere systems, automation systems and special accessories which will be the most suitable for your facility. If necessary we can support with cost analises, capacities evaluatuation, brand and model comparisons in order to help you choose the best option.

Gas tight sealing applications

  • The most important element required for the Controlled Atmosphere system to function is undoubtedly the gas-tightness of the room where the system will operate. Before the system is installed, there are points to be considered during the panel and cooling assemblies. It should be ensured that the silicone is properly applied. After the silicone application, special gas-tight doors and windows are also assembled with silicone following a special technique. After the pannels, tight doors and windows are installed, the process of interface seal takes place by appying special gas-tight materials. Gas-tight materials are the final touch. With its flexible and robust structure, it ensures that the Cold CA Room is hermetically sealed and will remain so for years without deterioration.
Application of Gas Tight Materials

Special sealed doors and windows

Application of Gas Tight Products
  • Rooms with CA systems require accessories such as special gas-tight doors or windows, application of gas tightness materials. As these products are unique the choice, installation and application require advanced knowledge. At this point, as OXYCAT, we make sure that the correct accessories are selected and assembled and the gas toghtness materials are properly chosen and applied.

CA System assembly

  • Placement of Controlled Atmosphere Technology equipment and materials in the engine room,
  • Installation of pipelines that will provide connection from the engine room to the chambers.
  • Installation of sensors for gas and temperature measurements from the engine room,
  • Installation of CA accessories and their integration into the system to ensure that the measurements are taken correctly.
Kontrollü Atmosfer Montajı

CA system commissioning and user trainings

Gaz sızdırmaz uygulamaları
  • After the installation of the Controlled Atmosphere system is completed, the modes and functions of the system are simulated with the manipulation method and it is checked whether the whole system is working correctly. Then the system is put into the the test mode operation. After that, the system training is delivered by qualified OXYCAT members, providing complete training to all the key system users and operators.