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Why do you need to control the Atmosphere?

With the nominal atmosphere values your products can be stored in a cold store for a limited time. However, you can significantly extend this period and maintain the product quality in cold stores operating it with controlled atmosphere system. Moreover, controlled atmosphere technology has countless applications. About controlled atmosphere systems used in many areas such as altitude training for health, pest control treatments and anoxic applications for historical artifacts, objects and documents or fire prevention…

See what our customers think about us:

There is no other company in this sector which provides such complete and detailed system operator and cold storage trainings, has such good systems knowledge and really takes care of its customers..

OXYCAT managed all our processes related to our controlled atmosphere investment. They provided us with complete information on controlled atmosphere systems and cooling, measured the right capacity and offered the cost-effective solution. They also provided system installation and detailed training, and were always with us whenever we needed them during the season…

We were worried wheather we would be able to cope with our newly recieved high altitude system in our facility. However, with OXYCAT thorough training, services and 24/7 instant support, we have successfully been using the system without any disruption in the plan for our athlete groups throughout the season…

Controlled Atmosphere Cold Stores

Controlled atmosphere technology is a system that allows to extend the fruit and vegetable storage time in cold stores up to 2 – 4 times at the same time preserving their quality. The controlled atmosphere system provides a lot of added value for the storage result.

OXYCAT on your behalf can manage all the processes of your controlled atmosphere investment that you are planning to add to your new or existing cold store. Without leaving it to the initiative of machine suppliers, we determine the right capacity and price/performance ratio of the equipment, reduce your investment error risk to zero, perform the installation and provide detailed training of the system. We also provide you with clear information, consultancy and indispensable details of proper cooling installation, especially in stores with Controlled Atmosphere systems.

With OXYCAT’s system operator and cold storage trainings, you can effectively manage your controlled atmosphere cold storage operation. Our after-sales service support is available 24/7. This way, you can be sure of successful storage results each and every year.

OXYCAT is your reliable and professional solution partner for Controlled Atmosphere technology.

High Altitude Systems

The high altitude system is an ideal solution for professional and youth teams who want to train at altitude camps at the beginning of the season. Ideal altitudes to train are 2500-3000 meters, however, in Turkey, for example, camping centers such as Erzurum are at the altitude of 2200 meters. Moreover, in order to benefit from training at altitude, it is necessary to stay in a high camp for longer periods of time (4-6 weeks on average) and endure various altitude discomforts in the first days.

In order to create higher altitudes, prolong the trainings and eliminate altitude sickness, OXYCAT is happy to offer high altitude training systems which can be adjusted in minutes on the same day from the sea level up to 8000 – 9000m altitude according to your needs. With this investment, athletes can benefit from the effects of high altitude trainings throughout the year, and since the system will be located in your facility, you can gradually increase the altitude to avoid the altitude sickness.

In addition to the increase in performance and focus due to high altitude, athletes can also accelerate their recovery processes by spending time or sleeping in a high altitude room after an injury. With its regeneration effect, which is one of the main effects of high altitude, it provides a unique performance when used regularly. It helps to recover very quickly after a match as it removes fatigue. Sleeping for 1 hour at high altitude is equivalent to sleeping for 8 hours at sea level.

O2low Organic Fumigation

O2Low is the most effective and affordable organic fumigation method. The O2Low technique allows you to get rid of insects completely. It has a 100% lethal effect in all 4 life stages of insects. Insects cannot remain alive after the procedure and cannot create resistance to the treatment.

It is also the definitive solution for insects that have gained resistance to chemical fumigants and are difficult to kill with chemicals. It is incomparably more effective and precise than other fumigation methods.

O2Low Organic fumigation leaves no harmful effects on your products. There is no odor, taste, essence change or residue. With this application protocol, your products are completely insect free without the use of chemicals or toxic gases, and at the same time remain natural and fresh.

The organic fumigation system offered by Oxycat is the most cost-effective compared to other applications on the market. The payback rates of the investment cost are much more advantageous than alternative methods. The system is designed on a turnkey basis by our engineers in the most suitable way for your demand and business structure and is built and constructed in your facility by our professional installation team.

Other Controlled Atmosphere Applications

O2Low applications can also be used outside of the main sectors where controlled atmosphere technology is primarily used:

OXYCAT fire prevention application. In rooms where OXYCAT fire prevention systems are installed, the oxygen level is lower, but at a rate where people can safely enter the environment and do their necessary work. However, the level of oxygen is not enough for a fire to burn, so no ignition or fire is possible. This provides a total and cost-effective solution to prevent the ignition of a fire and therefore fire damage.

O2low anoxic application. The preservation of historical artifacts is carried out by applying the O2low anoxic protocol in the archives or inside display cases. By controlling the level of oxygen, gases, temperature and humidity, etc., the system protects the artifacts against insect infestation, humidity, fire, oxidation and all other biological damages.

Nitrogen blanketing applications. Nitrogen blanketing is a technique used to eliminate the risks of bacteria, mold and rust formation that may occur in the upper inner surface of the tank where the product is stored  (that is the area where there is no product but the air is in contact). It prevents the products and the walls of the tank from coming into contact with air.

Gas Tightness Materials

The reliability of gas tightness materials used in controlled atmosphere chambers is critical to the overall operation of the system. OXYCAT offers precise and long-lasting solution to meet the demand – OXY GT Gas Tightness Materials, which is the best available product on market in accordance with the cost as well as quality ratio.

OXY GT Gas Tightness Materials consists of 3 products:

OXY GT Primer – primer,
OXY GT COAT– coat for actual sealing
OXY GT Fleece – special fabric which increases resistance to unusual impacts and earthquakes when used between OXY GT COAT layers

Controlled atmosphere application rooms are meticulously designed and prepared with OXY GT Gas Tightness Materials. OXYCAT’s expertise and experience ensures that gas tightness products are applied correctly. When applied according to the protocol, GT Gas Tightness Materials are capable of making rooms gastight with a unique gas barrier and provide 100% protection of the room’s internal atmosphere content values. As a result, this ensures a permanently sealed and fully gas-tight environment in chambers or rooms with Controlled Atmosphere system for years to go.