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Our Quality Policy

Continuous access to healthy, accessible and affordable food is an inalienable right of every human being. With the growth of the population, the development of food technologies has become a necessity today, including technologies that can prevent the loss of food during a long-term storage. It is in the field of these technologies that our company operates. And our most important commitment is to be constantly open to innovation, use the latest technologies and offer our customers quality products and services in the field of food processing and storage. In this regard, we are not only focused on business and income, but also carry out our activities on a voluntary basis. We are the only Turkish company in the sector that participates in seminars, provides education and training, interacts closely with the national press, sharing its experience – all these we consider as our social responsibility towards the society and the sector in which we operate.

Our company liabilities

As OXYCAT we are committed to:

– Announce to the world about our country – Turkey and our company;

– Based on our experience, distribute only correct information about our sector, also develop our sector;

– To be a reliable and sought-after company that understands business processes and fully meets the needs and expectations of our customers;

– To be an exemplary organization that respects society and the environment we live in;

– Contribute to the country’s economy, constantly increasing the volume of our business;

– Remain competitive in the world market with our fully domestic, patented products of own production, and bring more and more foreign currency into our country every day;

As a part of our strategic goals:

– Meet the expectations of our partners, suppliers and all parties with whom we cooperate;

– Use advanced technologies and promote effective process management in the development of the food safety management system;

– By providing the most suitable, accurate and cost-effective solutions in the shortest possible time, prevent inconvenience and negative consequences that may occur later;

– Start and complete each project on time, using the highest level of technology, fully compatible with the project and established quality standards;

– Prevent the use of chemicals in the food industry and in the field of human health;


As a part of quality systems:

– Constantly improve the level of quality, assigning high priority to teamwork, so that all employees become more competent and can use their talents at the highest level;

– With all our strength to focus on our business to become one of the leading international companies in our sector (despite the fact that we are already the first and only 100% domestic company in this sector);

– Focus on customer satisfaction;

– In a short time, respecting the principles of confidentiality, fairness and decency, turn our experience and all our resources we have, the feedback we receive from our customers into “customer satisfaction” and strive to constantly maintain customer satisfaction at a high level;

– Develop projects that include environmentally friendly products, use quality products and provide customer-oriented services;

– Together with all our partners to provide all kinds of information and support regarding sustainable environment conditions;

– In our business processes, always act with care for the environment;

– Use the natural resources and energy sparingly;

– Create more efficient processes to prevent pollution and the use of chemicals by eliminating them from processes;

– Protect to leave the environment untouched for future generations through systematized activities that will reduce the threats of global warming and climate change;

– Strive to continuously improve all of our products and service processes within the framework of complying with international and national laws and all legal requirements, and strive to develop all our products and activities in accordance with this policy.

Atmosfer Kontrol Ünitesi

Environment and Nature,

You are always on the safe side with the guarantee given by OXYCAT.

We contribute to the protection of the environment and nature through the principles of our systems and the results of their application.

First of all, OXYCAT’s most important contribution to the environment and nature is that OXYCAT helps fight against the use of chemical compounds harmful to human health in food storage. By minimizing the use of gases such as CO2, methyl bromide, phosphine (used as fumigants without CA food storage), we prevent the release of these toxic gases into nature. Moreover, products that are processed or stored using our systems arrive at your table with little or no chemicals. Thus, we provide manufacturers with a very favorable opportunity to produce healthy and environmentally friendly products for end consumers. Therefore, we offer our partners long term, less costly, more efficient, specific and effective investment solutions. 

Secondly, our machines and equipment prevent food waste and extend their storage time. The systems we use have proven to be 100% effective. 

Thirdly, we produce high-quality equipment that will last for many years. In this regard, our equipment does not need constant replacement of spare parts and other components, which, in turn, prevents their frequent write-off and final disposal into the environment. 
Finally, the machines and equipment we use are extremely environmentally friendly. While our systems are already energy efficient, almost all of them have additional features that create extra added value and energy savings such as reusing air-conditioned air and saving energy by only running our machines when needed.